I cannot and will not be without this!

I cannot and will not be without this! Anyone attempting to be a virtual lawyer needs this program and this platform. My office is anywhere I have Wi-Fi and my practice is possible because of this piece of technology. I can walk into a courtroom with 10 cases in a row to do, and not carry a piece of paper because my case notes are there at my fingertips. All of this would be nothing if not for their customer service!

Bob Noone
Robert Noone Legal Services
Logan, West Virginia
Everyone has really been incredibly helpful to me!

Everyone has really been incredibly helpful to me! I appreciate all of the efforts Abacus has made to help our firm.

Stacey Dorenfeld
Dorenfeld Law, Inc.
Agoura Hills, California
I would recommend Abacus to any organization.

Abacus is a great. I like many aspects of their system, but the one I would like to focus on is their customer service. They are always there, respond quickly, and always follow up with me to ensure I’m happy with the system. I would recommend Abacus to any organization.

Tonya Feigt
Center for Heirs' Property Preservation
Charleston, South Carolina
I don't have to mess with IT anymore.

Abacus Private Cloud are godsends. I don't have to mess with IT anymore, and the entire firm is secure and mobile. Our firm runs on Abacus!

Michael Black
Michael Black Law Office
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I'm mobile and organized.

As a PI lawyer, it's the best setup I've found to keep my practice running smoothly. I'm mobile and organized.

Art Harris
Harris Law
Atlanta, Georgia
The result was more than I could have hoped for.

Having been a satisfied desktop user of Abacus for 10 years, I was excited to modernize my software and take advantage of cloud computing. The result was more than I could have hoped for.

Philip Placzek, Esq.
Placzek Law
Houston, Texas
Abacus Private Cloud is the pinnacle of Private Cloud computing.

Abacus Private Cloud is a practice-changing product! It is without a doubt a robust, viable way to work, and it makes complete business and practical sense for lawyers to adopt. I will never go back to the alternative of local servers with local support - Abacus Private Cloud is the pinnacle of Private Cloud computing.

James Farr, Esq.
James A. Farr Law Firm
Anchorage, Alaska
There’s really no reason not to make the move.

I tell everyone I know they should be in a private cloud. The security is there – it’s a non-issue. The connectivity is there. The flexibility and collaboration is there. There’s really no reason not to make the move.

Michael McCready, Esq.
Law Offices of Michael McCready & Associates
Chicago, Illinois

The Essential Tool for Your Business

Abacus Private Cloud is a custom-built, compliance ready virtual workplace engineered with virtualization technologies that make up a robust environment including threat protection, security management, automation, and scale. You own and control your data; we manage, support, and secure your private cloud infrastructure 24/7 in data centers located exclusively in the United States.

Of all the conversations taking place in law firms over the past decade, one of the more serious discussions have focused primarily on cybersecurity and information assurance with regards to maintaining attorney and client privacy. Lawyers are moving to the cloud not only to modernize their legal business, but to maintain their credibility.

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Protecting the privacy and security of confidential client information, and prohibiting unauthorized disclosure or release of such data, is critical to organizations that specialize in finance. Without an IT team constantly updating your technology and staying abreast of new industry developments, your firm’s data can slip through the cracks and into the wrong hands. A Private Cloud is your solution.

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For the healthcare industry, complying with local, state, and federal healthcare privacy regulations, such as HIPAA regulations concerning PHI, is where questions about the validity and security of in-house servers or data center colocation comes up. The private cloud computing service model is a proven, highly secure, medical grade answer.

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A Compliance-Ready Private Cloud Solution

There is a significant cost attached to sticking with a traditional technology platform. Virtualization saves businesses those significant expenditures, in terms of initial investment and over time. Abacus Private Cloud leverages from cutting-edge virtualization technologies to run technology in a fully managed, secure and redundant private environment, mitigating risk and assuring regulatory and ethical compliance for even the most sensitive data. With ever-growing data privacy vulnerabilities and rigid compliance regulations, we are thrilled to help businesses take the next step in their journey to the Cloud by providing fully managed technology products and services for zero capital investment at a predictable, affordable monthly fee, ultimately enabling their success and performance.

The protection of your data and business applications are essential for a compliant ready cloud. Abacus Private Cloud is regularly tested and audited; many of our clients have regulation requirements that include the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Patriot Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and for European customers, the EU Data Protection Directive (EUDPD).

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Unlike other cloud-based services that have data constantly migrating between data centers located in different states, countries (and sometimes) continents, when you have an Abacus Private Cloud, you'll know exactly where the data is located, it’s access points, and who is supporting, managing, and maintaining that cloud infrastructure. Further, all of our support, development, and engineering - the entire company - is located in the United States.

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The traditional disaster recovery model is mostly manual, requiring upkeep of an off-site replica of your data center servers and usually, a physical guide that describes every painful recovery procedure. Executing these disaster recovery plans take hours, and that’s if everything goes well. Meanwhile, employees aren't working and customers aren't being billed. Abacus Private Cloud has an automated disaster recovery solution built right in.

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Some of the cloud providers and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosts may prevent customers from accessing their own data. Maintaining customer trust is an ongoing commitment, and we strive to keep customers informed of the privacy and data security policies, practices and technologies in place securing that data storage. Ensuring our customers ownership and control over their data is vital, and with Abacus Private Cloud, you own your data.

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It's been difficult for many organizations to migrate to newer software and hardware platforms. So much time is spent on fighting fires caused by obsolete technology, IT departments don't have the time to be forward thinking. For smaller companies, the problem is even worse. Abacus Private Cloud gives businesses the best infrastructure and almost 100 trained support specialists, removing the burden from IT.

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In today’s world of mobility, eDiscovery and big data analytics, every organization is struggling with the best ways to leverage the growing number of technology offerings either focused on their business or vertical. Some companies want the latest and greatest hardware on-site, so the smart businesses are doing more with less by utilizing new Abacus Private Cloud solutions to build the IT they need – without the infrastructure investment.

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The same popular benefits enjoyed by public cloud environments, including self-service, scalability, adding computing resources on demand, customizing infrastructure for complex corporations, are also applicable to private clouds. Abacus Private Cloud is truly dynamic with pay as you go scalability, and with that flexibility is the compliance ready security and uptime reliability.

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